Swedish Fika
Beautiful Cookie jar with design of the Swedish Flag. The lovely design includes some of the most famous elements of the Swedish culture. Delicious chocolate chip cookie with chunks of luxurious chocolate melted in cookie dough. Sweden is a country of many traditions, perhaps none as lovely as the concept of having a ‘Fika’. The word ‘Fika’ dates back many centuries to the 1700s, when coffee was introduced to Sweden and is a mixture of the letters for the Swedish word for coffee; kaffi (later kaffe). Coffee drinking became a tradition mainly at home as a social event, unlike the rest of Europe and was often served with pastries or a snack. The word Fika later evolved into a form of socializing, while enjoying a beverage, often coffee or tea and eating pastry. The Swedish tradition of Fika is spreading through Swedish people and businesses around the world. Swedish Fika is a warm, kind and lovely way of bringing people together that we are here to help spread.
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Brand Swedish Fika
Pack Size 160g
DCIS Subgroup 3
DCIS Group 1

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