Captain Morgan - Black Spiced Rum 1l
Captain Morgan
Black Spiced Rum 1l

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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is inspired by the true story of Captain Henry Morgan's burial on the shores of Port Royal Harbour, Jamaica in 1688. Shortly after his burial, an earthquake rocked the shores of Jamaica, washing the Captain's casket out to sea, never to be seen again. Legend has it that his restless spirit lives on to this day, sailing the Caribbean seas in search of his mortal remains. Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is crafted from only the finest Caribbean Blackstrap rum and select ingredients, including rich clove spice and premium cassia bark, and is finished with double charred blackened oak for a taste as legendary as the Captain himself. the bold, dark spiced rum is best enjoyed on the rocks. What’s your Drink IQ? Test your DrinkIQ
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