Malmö Airport

Malmö Airport was inaugurated on December 1, 1972. During 2017, 2.2 million passengers chosed to fly to and from the airport. Malmö Airport is located in Skåne region, the most densely populated part of Sweden. It is a part of the Öresund region, which together with Copenhagen, constitutes the largest growth area in Scandinavia. Malmö Airport is an important part of the infrastructure of the Öresund region.

Address: Södra Sturupsvägen 230, 233 91 Svedala, Suecia.

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Our stores at the airport

Malmö is a cosmopolitan city in Sweden located just a few kilometers from Copenhagen. All those travelers passing through the Malmö airport can shop at our Duty Free stores, where you can find tax free Swedish products by the best name brands. Find out on this page about everything related to our stores at the airport, such as the items we offer, our store locations, or the hours for the Duty Free Malmö store.

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Malmö Duty Free
Malmö Airport

Shop Categories
Perfume & Cosmetics, Liquor, Confectionery, Souvenirs, Jewelry, Sunglasses
Opening hours
Daily, from 5:00 to last departure